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Moving pictures

In the epic cartoon Yellow Submarine the Blue Meenies are comprised of a wild pack of destructive anti-music villains. Among them is a character named the Butterfly Stomper (butterfly being a symbol of transformation). The Butterfly Stomper is one who destroys all things of beauty. On his shirt is the number 23... and you know what that means.

Bug Bunny says in one cartoon "frick-a-frack-a fire-crack-er siss boom bah! Bugs Bunn-y Bugs Bunn-y Rah Rah Rah!" There are 19 syllables in this cryptic statement. 1-9=-8, or -2і, the prime number before 23. Wow... people are funny.

Tank Girl ; the Tank Girl comic-books are literally packed with the number 23.

Twin Peaks ; Laura Palmer was murdered on februari 23rd.

The Academy Award winning film "Charly" is the story of a low-grade moron (IQ around Dan Quayle's) who is transformed by neuro-surgery into a superhuman genius (IQ 200 plus). In the crucial operation scene, the number on the operating room is visible, and it is 23.

In the movie Airplane II the name of the space ship is theXR - 2300.

In the movie Airport, the mad bomber has Seat 23.

LOST (TV Series):
* The sum of both parts of the plane’s flight number (Oceanic Flight 815, 8+15 =23).
* Number of the floor Hurley stayed on at a Sydney hotel.
* Number of the gate the plane took off from.
* Jack’s seat number on the plane was 23A.
* Rose and Bernard were sitting next to Jack in row 23, too.
* The reward for turning in Kate was $23,000
* The morning of their departure from Sydney, Walt woke Michael up at 5:23 A.M.
* The temperature in Hurley’s rental car when it died.
Hurley: (mumbling numbers) "15, 16, 23, 42, 4..."
Kate: (to Hurley) "You say something?"
Hurley: "No"
Kate: "I thought I heard; 23"
Hurley: "Does that mean something to you?"
Kate: What?"
Hurley: "That number, 23?"
Kate: (pause) "The guy who called the Feds on me back in Australia did it for a $23,000 reward.
(pause) It mean something to you?"
Hurley: "No...just a number"

(excerpt from the season finale of the TV-series "LOST")

In the movie Babe, the little piggy is the 23rd contestant for the Sheep Dog contest. Kind of takes the innocence of the flick away doesn't it?

In the movie Die Hard III the train derails in subway station 23.

In the movie Hackers, the data which causes all the action is taken from 'data bank 23'.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978); The first trash truck seen transporting pods is labled number 23.

Lawrence of Arabia; Anthony Quinn's character proclaims he has 23 wounds upon his body.

In David Lynch's film, Lost Highway, Fred's number in the jail is 47516 (4+7+5+1+6=23).

In Oliver Stone's Nixon, Tricky Dick's football jersey at Whittier is number 23.

Quiz Show; A waiter chooses 23 when asked for a random number, and the contestant follows with a list of 23 related facts to show his knowledge base.

Star Wars
The Millennium Falcon escapes Mos Eisley spaceport from docking bay 94 (9/3=3 and 4/2=2 reverse it and you get 23).In the final assault on the Death Star, Luke Skywalker is in Red 5. Red 2 and Red 3 start the bomb runs at 23 degrees. "Stay on target!"R2-D2 and C-3PO: R2+C3=RC (Rosy Cross, Rosicrucian) and 23.TK421, the only stormtrooper called by name in the Star Wars trilogy. T(20)+k(11)+4-2-1=32. The reverse of 23. Now that's the spirit! Why aren't you at you're post?The cell block where Princess Leia was held on the Death Star was AA-23 on Level 5. A.'.A.'.?When Luke Skywalker is in the trench during his bombing run, the first number you see on the targeting computer is 23. The next scene that shows the computer shows the number 32.

George Lucas' first real movie, in alphabetic order, T=20, H=8, X=24. (T)20-(H)8=12; 1+3+8=12; reconcile: 12-12=0 which leaves (X)24-1=23.

Support your local gunslinger; James Garner's character, who despises roulette, announces that he has "an irresistible urge to bet on the number 23." 23 becomes a running gag throughout the comedy-western.

In the movie "The Prophecy", the Bible belonging to the dead angel Uziel is bookmarked on the 23rd chapter of Revelations.

The number on Adam Sandler's helmet in "Happy Gilmore" is 23.

Marilyn Monroe's former address is 12305 Helena Drive.

Popeye is seen repeatedly pondering the number 23 in many of his 1970's TV Cartoons.

Babylon 5; A 5 mile long space station, a 5 year story line, set in the 23rd century, naturally. And if you watch closely, you'll notice it's all parable for Clinton and Whitewater.

Seinfeld; Kramer hides his air conditioner on Level Purple 23 in a shopping carpark. This episode was played in Australia on 23 September 1996.

Sesame Street; Bert is a member of the National Association of W Lovers. W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet, if you haven't had that driven into your head by now.

In most every episode of ST:TNG, if a number is given it will usually be a 23 (or 23,000).

X Files; Ten-Thirteen (10+13=23) is the name of the production company famed for producing shows like the X-files and Millennium. 10-13 is the Birth date of creator Chris Carter and the day the Knights Templar were arrested in France in 1307. Aha! you exclaim, More proof!1013 (10+13=23) is the number on the abandoned nuclear missile silo where a UFO is contained and Crycek is locked up by the Men in Black in an episode of X-Files.Agent Mulder goes to the apartment of a recently deceased man in one episode, and we see the number 23 on the door as he is let in.

Max Headroom broadcast on Network 23

August 23, 1970; Birth date of River Phoenix, actor. Died of drug overdose, "You call him Dr. Bones, doll!"

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